The whole complex is under video surveillance 24/7, if you need any help please call: +359 32 658 480

QR codes

All areas in Glamping Alliance ​​are accessed with a QR code. After a successful reservation, you will receive in your e-mail a PDF file with the requested number of QR codes.

You can use QR codes, both printed on paper and on the screen of a mobile phone. To successfully read a QR code from a reader in Glamping Alliance, first bring the media (a sheet of paper with a code or phone) close to the reader to activate the reader - the reader's lighting will turn on. Then move the media about 10-15 centimeters away from the reader. You should hear a short beep and the corresponding barrier or door will open / unlock.
The doors in the motel have a light indication: green when the door is unlocked, red when it is locked. Locking a door in the motel is only possible if it is closed. Unlocking and locking the doors in the motel is done by scanning a QR code - each scan unlocks or locks the door, depending on whether it is locked or unlocked.

When more than 1 guest is accommodated in a room, everyone receives a personal QR code. If one of the Guests leaves the room and locks it, after 15 seconds the lighting in the room stops because it recognizes that there is no one in the room. The guest, who has stayed in the room, must press the Lights button, which is located right next to the door, and so they will be able to use all the amenities of the room again.

If you leave the room, please make sure you lock it!
Please do not share and show your QR codes, because this is your key!

The elevator also starts with a QR code, and each guest has access to the floor on which he is accommodated, to level 0 (Reception) and to level -1 (if you have a reservation for the SPA center).

Public transport

You can easily reach Glemping Alliance by public transport lines - buses 1, 20 and 27. You can use the same lines to get from Glamping Alliance to the central part of Plovdiv. The bus stops are located on Komatevsko Shosse Blvd., in front of the parking lot of Glamping Alliance.
The closest bus stop to the city center is  "Sreshtu Hotel Trimontium" stop. From here you enter the pedestrian main street of Plovdiv, and from there you have access to most of the sights of the city, Kapana creative district and the Old Town. The bus stop in front of the Glamping is "Komatevsko shose". Tickets are purchased from controllers in the bus itself and are priced at BGN 1. 
The buses come in every 10-15 minutes.

You can use the following site for detailed information and timetables:

Why visit Plovdiv?
  • It is said to be the oldest permanently inhabited city in Europe and also one of the oldest cities in the world. Plovdiv is a contemporary of ancient Troy and Mycenae, still standing proudly on its 7 hills like Rome.
  • The rich cultural heritage accumulated over 8 millennia, such as the Roman Stadium in the heart of the city, the Ancient Theater - one of the best preserved in the world, Roman mosaics in the small basilica and the Old town of Plovdiv with its magnificent wooden houses in Bulgarian Revival style from the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Warm and hospitable people. The contact with the locals will surely immerse you in the great, carefree atmosphere of Plovdiv, enjoying our national cuisine with organic fruits and vegetables from unfertilized soil. The wines from the terroir of the Plovdiv region of the Bulgarian variety Mavrud have world-renowned qualities.
Up-to-date information about the events in the city, as well as the sights, can be found here.