Camping is designed to enjoy nature in an urban environment and not miss anything from the luxury of your everyday life.
Online booking and payment make it without reception.
The strategy of breaking down the price list, to pay only what is used, make it accessible to every guest.
Each parking space has fresh water, sewer and electricity (paid according to consumption, which you can follow on our website. When leaving the glamping, you must pay for the consumed electricity to raise the barrier)
10 places have a sophisticated shade-canopy.
4 places have an private toilet
Heated sanitary room with 8WC, 8 showers, 8 sinks
Laundry room with 2 automatic washing machines with dryers and 2 sinks for hand washing.
Dishwasher with 3 sinks and one dishwasher
Car wash.
Pet bath.
To avoid unpleasant odors, please drain the dirty water directly into the sewer with a hose attached to your tank.
Chemical toilet for manual cleaning.
Chemical toilet for automatic cleaning, sterilization, disinfection, aromatization and refilling with chemicals.
Glemping also offers accommodation in attraction rooms - the "Royal suite" of the Orient Express, the house of the "witch Baba Yaga" and the "dugout of the hobbits".
The party gazebo is air conditioned, equipped with all necessary kitchen and household utensils. Capacity of 25 people. Using it is an option for a fee.