Glamping Alliance: Camping Rules & Regulations

Map of the Glamping

The Alliance Glamping reserves the right to amend and supplement the Rules and Regulations. 


  1.  According to the Terms and Conditions, the parking of caravans/RVs is carried out only in the units as shown in the map below.
  2. Automobiles shall be parked exclusively on the concrete parts of the units for the sake of protection of the grass and camping infrastructure. Guests of the Glamping and their visitors may confine their personal belongings within the limits of the selected unit.
  3. Caravans and RVs shall be allocated a unit on reservation. Any change of location will result in lack of access to electricity and undeactivated sprinklers at the new unit.
  4. Each unit is 100 m² which can fit a caravan or camper of up to 8 m X 2.5 m along with a forcelt or awning. Permanent or semi-permanent structures are not allowed to be built on the site!
  5. Maximum dimensions of the camper/ caravan: H 4.20m, L 10m, W 2.50m 
  6. Guests staying at the camping are entitled to parking one vehicle only in the pre-selected unit with access to electricity with the QR code received in advance on booking. For any extra vehicles use the paid parking lot of the motel.
  7. Access of vehicles is granted through a barrier equipped with a QR coder reader. Access to private shower and WC, washing maschine and any other additional options is by means of a prepaid QR code.  When you finish your reservation, you will receive e-mail with PDF file with the prepaid QR codes. You can use them on device or on paper.
  8. To successfully read a QR code from a reader in Glemping Alliance, first bring the item (a sheet of paper or a phone with the code) close to the reader to activate the reader - the reader's lighting will turn on. Then move the item about 10-15 centimeters away from the reader. You should hear a short beep and the corresponding barrier or door will open / unlock.
  9. Maximum speed of vehicles in the glamping is 20 km/h.
  10. Check in – after 12.00pm. Check out - before 12.00pm.
    10.1. Early check in and late check out are possible for a fee, if the place is not occupied. Contact the Reception for more information.
    10.2. Late check-out from 12 pm until 6 pm - 30% of the value of the parking space is paid extra. Late check-out after 6 p.m. - the value of 1 night at the respective parking place is paid extra.
  11. BBQs and grills may be used only at the hired unit, or the BBQ next to sanitary facility. Open fires are strictly forbidden!
  12. Loud music is not allowed at any time and quiet hours shall be observed from 14:00 to 17:00 and 23:00 to 9:00 a.m.
  13. Water on site is not recommended for drinking.

 The price of the rented pitches depends on the following pricelist.

Prices include :
  • use of the common sanitary facilities (showers, WC)
  • parking of one vehicle– garbage collection
  • access to electric supply-16А (4kw.)
  • water supply
  • video surveillance and security
  • maintenance of common grounds, grass, plants, pest control
  • use of car-wash, pet bath, Laundry, room for dishwashing, a manual facility for chemical toilets 
  • use of children playground and beach
The prices do not include:
  • cost of consumed electricity (all units have their own electric meter). The electricity used is paid on departure from the glamping
  • dishwasher, laundromats, a Camper Clean automat, Party Gazebo
  • additional options in the motel – SPA, Gym, Room for Games

Cancellations are free of charge up to 24 hours before the date of check-in.


  1. The maximum electric power allowed is 3.5 kW, regulated through 16 A switches in the switchboard. Electric consumption shall be charged on departure and the consumption may be checked real time in the client profile on our website in terms of kW, A, V.
  2. If the switch is down due to a problem with the electric installation, the guests shall duly inform the glamping staff. 
  3. Guests are not allowed to open and meddle with the electric switchboards or interfere with the electric supply.

Pets are allowed for free at the Alliance Glamping, after presenting a valid pet passport showing all necessary vaccines.
  1. When crossing common areas the dogs have to be wearing muzzles on a leash.
  2. The responsibility for the pet is entirely on its owner, and so is cleaning up after it.
  3. The pet bath is free of charge for our guests.
  4. Pets are not allowed to swim in the artificial river.


  1. Cleaning and maintaining order at the unit is entirely the responsibility of the guest. Garbage is dumped in containers at the allotted places. The glamping staff shall service, clean and upkeep the facilities for water, electricity, sewage, and the green areas.
  2. Excellent hygiene shall be observed in the sanitary facilities.
  3. It is forbidden to use the washing machines for heavily soiled clothes with mud, oils and dyes, as well as for washing textiles for pets.
  4. Washing RVs and vehicles is allowed only in the designated zone next to the sanitary facilities. Waste water shall be discharged from your tank via hose directly attached to the sewer to ensure hygiene and eliminate smells.

  1. The Glamping shall not be held responsible for material and non-material damages to the guests caused by break-downs related to electric cuts or water cuts caused by third parties. No responsibility shall be borne in case of incapacity to use the service or for material and non-material damages caused by force majeure, natural disasters, storms, wind, rain, etc. We request of our guests to insure their property.
  2. The Glamping shall not be held responsible for forgotten, lost, or stolen property left unattended.
  3. Removing property left by guests after checking out of the glamping is a standard procedure.

VIII. Recording video surveillance ensures SECURITY.

  1. An unregistered visitor pays a fivefold fee.
  2. The use the contacts of the sanitary room for personal power supply of campers is charged 50E / day
  3. Washing machines are only used for washing human clothes. Their use for washing pet textiles is fined 50E